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“The most important part of creating your perfect bathroom installation has to be the construction of the environment in which we position your products”
Paul Taylor, owner and bathroom fitter


The bathroom fitting company prides its self on its knowledge of bathroom installation products and techniques that have been designed to be used in modern bathroom installations, we work to a set bathroom installation model that insures your bathroom will look and function to its best ability. It also provides you our client with the peace of mind that you have a clear understanding of our bathroom fitting process and the materials used within your fit.


Each process of our bathroom installation is carried out with the correct materials which have been designed to be placed in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and wet rooms, the wall linings that we use to tile directly onto have added benefits over plastered walls, they have water repellent capability’s and are mould and mildew resistant, in direct wet areas such as shower cubicles, wet rooms and bathroom floors, a highly water resistant board is used, this also is mould and mildew resistant, this board unlike plywood will not break down with the continued persistence of moisture or contract and expand like plywood does, which is one reason floor tiles can crack and come unfixed.

Free down lights

3cm frame work

high humidity wallboards

free underfloor heating

floor and wall insulation

bathroom spec

OK this is the magic bit, this frame work we use is truly amazing and it’s only a mere 3cm in deep, firstly it lets us create a level, square, and right angled room, which last time we looked all tiles and bathroom products where right angled, right? It also allows us to hide all your services, pipe work and wiring, plus it gives us the opportunity to place insulation along all of your walls. Finally it allows us to lay are mould resistant and water resistant boards flat so you get? You guessed it, flat level tiling, at the same time you have protected your products your home and our environment from our fitting process.

If you want a brochure looking bathroom finish in your home this is the way to go about it, fact!!!


When choosing your bathroom fitting company to take on your bathroom installation, it’s important to note that they must adhere to certain standards. Here at The Bathroom Fitting Company, we ensure that all our work is undertaken to comply with current building regulations. We only use qualified electricians to work on our bathroom installations, they are registered with an approved scheme like the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) or the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) and all of our plumbers are City and Guild qualified.

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