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“with so many big named company’s primary focus on product sale and with many bringing a secondary attitude to there bathroom fitting service, I felt I could create and deliver the perfect bathroom fitting service, a service that would offer you our clients a clear and transparent understanding of what you are resiveing and what you are paying for, a service that can deliver on its obligations and still be very competitive”
Paul Taylor, owner and bathroom fitter

paul taylor

about us

Paul Taylor started The Bathroom Fitting Company approximately 7 years ago following a number of years in successful property renovation around Greater London and the South Coast. He had a particular interest in bathroom design and retrained as a carpenter, bathroom fitter and studied bathroom design in central London.

Paul felt that given his vast experience as a bathroom fitter and with him creating perfect bathrooms for his customers; it was time to focus entirely creating a perfect bathroom fitting service.

about company

The company was developed to offer a direct bathroom fitting service to those who buy their products online or in store. A bathroom fitting service that delivers beautiful form and perfect function whilst guiding its clients with a clear and transparent no nonsense service. A bathroom fitting service that offers the highest standard of bathroom fitting no matter your product choice or budget.